With his new single ‘Big Energy’ out today, Little Torment shares five influential tracks.

The third and final single from his upcoming new mixtape, which drops next month, ‘Big Energy’ sees Little Torment’s slick, melodic bars flow atop razor-sharp trap beats and skittering instrumentals. The South London rapper’s vivid and frank lyrical narrative is on top form throughout the track as he flexes his achievements and offers more wistful personal reflections, all delivered with a bold and vibrant self-assurance.

Get to know Little Torment In Five…

Skrapz – can’t give the game up

Skrapz telling his story as usual, he’s talking about the struggles of being on the roads & doing music at the same time. I relate, it’s like guidance, he’s successful so I take notes.

Meek Mill – Price

Meek always been a rapper I look up to. ‘Is this the price of being great’, he speaks on all the pressures of being successful. Jealousy, responsibility, etc.

Headie one – music x road

Headie one music & road is kind of the same thing as skrapz except his style is different… it’s like drill/rap… the whole project is actually sick.

Lil Durk – all love

Lil Durk all love is melodic version of most rap music I listen too, he speaks on how feuds may happen in house, or with family but he still got love for a lot of people. Real music.

Nipsey Hussle – victory lap

Nipsey victory lap is all the necessary motivation to win, this the project itself is one of the greatest rap albums of our generation & the freestyle can teach you how to navigate these streets safely.

‘Big Energy’ is out now.