Let’s Eat Grandma – Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

We’ve barely had a chance to fully explore Let’s Eat Grandma’s first round of offerings, with ‘Deep Six Textbook‘ still making a lasting impression, but now we’re completely hooked on the incredible ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’. At first it might seem that a 3 minute ‘intro’ is a little over the top, but it works, everything about this ridiculous track that shouldn’t work falls into place and fits perfectly. And yes, that includes the title. Don’t miss them play Electrowerkz on June 1st.

Special shout out to Gruff Rhys’ excellent pro-EU track this week too. Other great ones come from Fossa Beats, Yoni & Geti, Tusks, Fetty Wap, Sales, Sego and more.

Listen on Soundcloud.