When you find out that German-Bulgarian artist, Lisa Morgenstern’s background is in ballet and classical music, it makes perfect and obvious sense. Combining synths and classical piano influences – often drawing on the traditional voices of the Bulgarian part of her heritage – Morgenstern’s compositions are elegant and moving pieces of music which feel at once both sweeping and intimate. To really add to the drama of her sound, her stunningly-expressive voice makes it feel like this musician has it all, allowing her to build on her already quite wonderful canon of work.

Having performed a commissioned piece with Berlin’s Bulgarian Voices choir at Berlin’s Pop Kultur festival earlier this year, her performances are as unique and special as they promise to be, especially when spanning centuries of the history of music. With so much talent, it’s impossible to know where she’ll go next, so we really are excited to see what the next twelve months holds for Morgenstern.

Photo by Miguel Murrieta.


Live: Servant Jazz Quarters on May 6th