Thrill Jockey – October 11th

Explosive bass/drums duo, Lightning Bolt have spent the past 25 years making more noise than any two American dudes named Brian should be capable of. Their sonic tomfoolery reaches a critical point on their seventh album, striking a newfound balance between scary precision and terrifying power. It’s a potent mix. The whirlwind pulls you from the sheer abrasion of percussive opener, ‘Blow to the Head’ before shoving you into the (almost) polished speed-pop perfection of ‘Husker Don’t’. And while many tunes remain drenched in the Bolt’s trademark echoed reverb, others are remarkably sparse for a change. But it’s the epic nine-minute closer, ‘Van Halen 2049’ that truly confounds with its remorseless melodic trip through a collage of hallucinatory riffs and alarming feedback. Buckle up.

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Live: The Underworld on November 12th and November 13th