facebooktwitterLia Lia crash-landed into our lives this April, armed with a song named ‘Olymp’, and things have never been quite the same since. A woozy evocation of heartbreak, summer nights and gin & tonic comfort, it claimed my Debut Single Of The Year trophy and nothing has come close since. Ridiculously, it turned out to not even be the best song she released this year. We’ve just been treated to the playful ‘Yin Yang’, replete with the ‘Say what now?’ lyric “Your binary code is my DNA, code me baby”, and which also includes our favourite pop trick of saying your name in a song (we really love it at LiS when artists say their own name in a song). Best of all though is ‘Kids’ which, not to drown it in hyperbole or anything, is exactly what I want pop music to sound like right here in 2017, and going forwards forever. Almost impossibly sad, there’s still not a moments hesitation in diving straight in to its hopeful/hopeless world. If she does nothing in 2018 I’ll go back to ‘Kids’ and just call it the best song of that year whatever, but really hands are firmly together in prayer for more from this exceptional talent.