The debut project from Lex Amor, Government Tropicana offers a striking array of introspective, pertinent reflections and sublimely intricate melodic arrangements. We caught up with the multi-faceted North London artist to talk five influential tracks.

The whole release flows with a seamless and serene suavity as Lex delivers soft yet self-assured bars intertwined with sparse pared-back hip-hop grooves and warm, resplendent melodies. Lex’s incisive lyricism is on top form across Government Tropicana as she weaves personal narratives and fully pours herself into the release offering pertient commentary and astute wit, with each track permeated with tangible vibrant personality.

“Government Tropicana is the story of first-generation working-class London; an attempt to articulate the nuance of my lived experience,” Lex explains. “This project is a celebration of collective cultural norms and an exploration of my life to this point.”

Get to know Lex Amor In Five…

Ghostpoet – Cold Win

First discovered Ghostpoet in uni, he completely changed the game for me. He, to this day, has an unbelievable ability to articulate normalcy; celebrate the mundane – That’s something I learnt from him, something I try and do in my music.

808INK – Last Train to Bigga Dance 

This song is what I describe as complete headloss. Absolutely love the vocal production on this; the rhythmic adlibs, the bounce – a perfect song.

Children of Zeus – Kintsugi

Loved CoZ for many years now, Kintsugi is a beautiful song. The raw articulation of pain, disappointment and self doubt shrouded in hope. I love that, I think that’s important; hope and power – authentically expressed.

Alfa Mist ft. Emmavie – Easily I Forget

Epoch is a classic. Completely blew my mind in uni – people like me, making music I had never heard before; making me feel things I never knew I could feel – that period of my life sowed the seed. I started writing the same year I heard this.

KOKOROKO – Abusey Junction

A perfect song. There’s no words, but I hear them. Made me think about how to communicate without words, without speaking – beautiful song man.

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