Let’s Buy Happiness // Live Review

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – October 7th

lets buy happy

It’s always special when a gig feels like a homecoming celebration. Especially when the band are from 300 miles away. When Let’s Buy Happiness play Hoxton Bar & Kitchen the vibe is certainly built upon a bunch of what can only be described as good things – intimate, energetic, expansive and celebratory. Having built a reputation as one of the North East’s finest band, tonight we are treating to a blistering performance. Clusters of doleful and atmospheric melodies unfurl across the stage, their lingering and earnest sound always direct, and dazzlingly so. Sharply executed, despite the myriad sonics and textures, Let’s Buy Happiness never make a superfluous sound. From 2011’s Six Wolves to latest track Run, from forthcoming album Chants For Friends, their live show is something weighty and winsome. Delicate acoustic strums vie with the dramatic and textured drums, all underpinning Sarah’s angelic, ethereal and yet powerful vocals. There’s no denying that there is a slightly melancholic twinge to their tunes with hints of grit and urban reality married to the a subtle sway of ghostly transience and delicate yet forthright beauty.  Live, tonight and always, there is a sense of invigoration that make the experience dynamic and vital, the watery layers and solid chords riff through to an open sky of opportunity.  In this back room in Hoxton Let’s Buy Happiness raise the bar and position themselves as not only one of the North East’s best bands, but the country’s.