letherette-last-night-on-the-planetNinja Tune – 25th November

Second album syndrome – it’s an all too common comedown. But thankfully Letherette have avoided this potential banana skin; the fruits of their second outing are instead ripe for the picking.

Opening track ‘Momma feat. Rejjie Snow’ is pure, unadulterated old-fashioned West Coast rap – a relatively misleading impression on the eclecticism that follows. Just like its sleeve, ‘Last Night On The Planet’ is a minimalistic retro venture painted with three core elements – electronic, house and hip-hop.

There’s no resentment-tinged lovesickness, or political preaching rammed down the listener’s throat. Instead the emphasis is on expressionism – the duo articulate their imaginations rather than external realities around them.

Much of the release feels so instinctive and organic, as if whipped up by a handful of jams. The stomping house of ‘Shanel’ and ‘Wootera’, for example, are led by stripped to the bone beats and glugging basslines. Whilst ‘Rich and Dan’, with its more maximalist and forward-thinking attitude, is a Dorian Concept-akin glitch-haven impersonating the motherboard of a malfunctioning spaceship.

Its nuanced ambience makes ‘Last Night On The Planet’ destined for vintage apparel stores and swanky cocktail bars alike. And, like a classic mojito, this is a trusted and moreish combination of timeless ingredients.

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