Leroy – Skläsh // Album Review

Schamoni/Disko B – December 4th

There’s no gentle introduction to the music of Bavarian-based Leo Hopfinger, as the near thirteen minute opening track on Skläsh attests. An opiate spurred jam with krautrock tendencies, ‘Like a Disease’ plays like a sonic voyage through the infinite, descending into sound collage and music concrete, though never losing its dub-inflected rhythm. Hopfinger’s penchant for including field recordings and found sounds continues throughout the record, lending it a home-made charm and stringing together these disparate, predominantly instrumental set pieces. ‘Blue Sea’ is a curious folk tune, re-imagined with the spirit of Arthur Russell, ‘Skai’ a sort of electronic bossanova and ‘Untitled Long Time’ a take on Brainfeeder’s oeuvre. An album with all the crowd pleasers apparently taken out, you have to put in a bit of effort to get the rewards.

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