Having just unleashed highly anticipated new album Angel In Disguise, Leifur James discusses five tracks that have shaped his musical identity.

Released via Night Time Stories to critical acclaim, Angel In Disguise finds Leifur James making a triumphant return to the fold since 2018’s A Louder Silence. His sound has noticeably grown into something darker, with glitchy electronics and dusty percussion merging with James’ classically-trained musicality to hypnotic effect.

Alongside the stunning musical offering, Balázs Simon & Dávid Dell’Edera take on directorial and production duties to build the twisted 3D world for ‘AAID’, a breathtaking examination of a fractured relationship and its devastating memories. Coupled with the jaw-dropping video for the album’s title track, there is little doubt that Angel In Disguise is a standout audio-visual experience of 2020.

For that reason, we can’t wait to witness Leifur James make his Boiler Room debut on Sunday 19th July.

Get to know Leifur James In Five…

‘Ticket’ by Coby Sey

Coby remixed a song from the last album and joined me on a track on Angel In Disguise. We sat in his studio not so long ago in Lewisham London, he started recording the sound of us talking and playing in the room instead of the line out. I like his playfulness and creativity, thinking of the atmospheres over the perfect sound.

‘Earwig’ by Pearson Sound

Growing up in London, the Hessle Audio sound was right there as one of the leaders in UK Bass culture. I messaged Bruce on the label to do a remix of the last album and have always been a supporter.

‘Everything Must Change’ by Nina Simone

I guess there is nothing quite like the raw human message Nina brings? All the messages we need to hear, societal, racial, historical are entrenched in her music. She speaks of the times, and reminds me to do the same, to be honest, real and lyrically open. And that there’s greater messages at hand in music than tweaking synthesisers.

‘Baby K Interaction’ by Via App

Via App is a young artist from New York’s techno scene, I liked hearing this track out in 2015, the way the track grows, loops, has its imperfections and the powerful bassline.

‘Lips To Void’ by Mica Levi

Mica seems to be in a world of her own, I usually listen to her scores before seeing the movie itself which I’ve never done with anyone else.

Leifur James’ new album, Angel In Disguise, is out now.