Leftfield – Alternative Light Source // Album Review

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If the showpiece of 1995’s Leftism was John Lydon’s splenetic presence on ‘Open Up’, then another collaboration with state-­of-­the-­nation provocateurs provides a highlight of Leftfield’s third album. ‘Head And Shoulders’ finds Sleaford Mods spouting comical last­orders lingo over woozy pubstep, as Leftfield henchman Neil Barnes again liberally guest­lists singers to blur clubland distinctions. Polica’s Channy Leaneagh bares sinewy soul to intense electro­pop on ‘Bilocation’, while Tunde Adebimpe is submerged by ‘Bad Radio’’s unswerving android throb. But Leftfield didn’t get the progressive­-house rep for nothing, and it is big­-bottomed astral bangers, such as the granite-hewn techno of ‘Universal Everything’ and the clammy acid surges on ‘Little Fish’, that will keep this superstar soundsystem in arena-­sized sellouts.

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