Earlier this week Lazy Day released their latest single ‘Real Feel’, a dreamy slice of glistening, potent indie-rock. With lyrics that purvey a heartfelt fragility alongside confident self-assurance, the track exudes and encompasses a deeply human emotivity, in all the fluctuating uncertainties and questioning that entails. To mark the new release, we caught up with Tilly Scantlebury to get to know the band In Short.

For the accompanying video the four-piece worked with Joe Snelling of Lucky Day Films to encapsulate this joyous dynamism at the core of the band. Speaking on the video and track Scantlebury expresses “The ability to overcome something sad and turn it into something joyful isn’t only what ‘Real Feel’ is about, but is also how I see Lazy Day itself. I really wanted the video to show that transformation, starting from somewhere quite lonely and then building into something that gives a true sense of happiness. We had so much fun dancing together as a band and trying to keep a straight face. I hope people at the shows learn some of these dance moves and groove along with us.” 

Enjoy their new single and get to know Lazy Day In Short…

Three words to describe my music:
Groovy, moody, fierce
Last photo on your phone:
An absolutely fabulous selfie in the perfect lighting conditions.
Favourite instagram account:
@dogseatinggently is the most uplifting corner of the internet.
The best venue I’ve played:
Castlefield Bowl – that 8,000 capacity blew my brain.
Earliest song you remember:
She Loves You – The Beatles. There’s a home video of me at 3 jumping on a bed and out-of-breath-singing this.
The worst job I’ve ever had:
A fraudulent “organic” cafe.
Favourite food on tour:
Bento box or ramen, delicious and nutritious.
My Favourite word: 
Dench, it works for almost all occasions.
Things that cheer me up:
My dog, my grandma, swimming, breakfast, trash tv, winning card games, playing a good show.
If I could play a gig anywhere it would be:
A feminist utopia.
I think you should listen to:
Greta Thunberg.
If I could see anyone play live it would be:
Kate Bush with my mum.
Upcoming tour dates:
Oct 11th | Belfast, UK – McHugh’s Basement Bar
Oct 12th | Glasgow, UK – Tenement Trail
Oct 19th | Norwich, UK – Wild Paths Festival
Oct 31st | Guildford, UK – Boileroom
Nov 1st | Brighton, UK – Hope & Ruin
Nov 2nd | Leicester, UK – The Cookie
Nov 7th | Birmingham, UK – Sunflower Lounge
Nov 8th | Manchester, UK – Jimmy’s
Nov 9th | Liverpool, UK – Sound Basement
Photo credit: Eleanor Crewes Web