City Slang – October 26th

Grief can be messy and confusing to say the least, and with Laura Gibson tackling loss head-on with her fifth album, Goners, it’s naturally a teary affair. Gibson has always made music for time spent alone, and with her songs here offering a certain space for contemplation, the sounds are vivid and tinged with sadness, while tracks like ‘Slow Joke Grin’ and ‘Marjory’ showcase her technical language and song- writing ability.

Despite the album’s gentle fragility, Laura manages to perfectly capture the spontaneity behind sadness as the listener surfs through bouts of her personal process in this album: you’re very much working through the murky times with Gibson here as her thoughts fall onto the page. Nothing short of an astounding songwriter, she’s proven once again just how masterful she is when it comes to excavating the beauty in life (and death).

Photo by Shervin Lainez.

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Live: St John on Bethnal Green on March 5th