Latest Issue // New Sounds 2019

There are so many great things about December and January but the most fun? Putting together our New Sounds issue. Find out who we’re getting real excited about in the issue below. 

Everyone’s doing their end of year album lists but tbh, we’re just not about that, albums are great, don’t get me wrong, but we’re here to tell you a) who the best acts of 2019 will be b) what the undisputed best tracks of 2018 were. What more could you need really? 2018 has been a gift of a year musically and we struggled to narrow it down, if you need more? Our full long list is over here. Anyway, dig in, find your new favourite act alongside all the listings for December/January and the best events in London coming up.

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Flohio photos by Jenn Five

Best tracks of 2018