Latest Issue // Maggie Rogers

November is here, and Maggie Rogers’ is on our cover ahead of her set-to-be-huge pop album is released in the new year. Dig in for more on Tasha, Vessel, Robyn and more. 

November is unreal for shows this year, there are more gig listings than we’ve ever had before, more pages of gigs than we’ve ever crammed in. This issue also sees the fiercely talented Maggie Rogers on the cover, we’re obsessed with ‘Light On‘ and trust us when we say there’s way more where that came from. Elsewhere we chat to Tasha about her fantastic new album Alone At Last, making new friends and the pressure to succeed. Bristol’s Vessel reveals all behind new album Queen of the Golden Dogs too, and of course we’ve got all the best London events from Doc’n’Roll festival to Christmas at Kew.

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Maggie Rogers photos by Mike Massaro

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