Latest Issue // Loyle Carner

In the last few years since we last had Loyle Carner on the cover he’s shown himself to be a total inspiration with more than just music on the mind, Chilli Cook-outs, cooking classes for kids and football focussed brilliance has us impressed that he’s already got a new album together, we’re beyond happy to welcome him back to the cover.

Obviously that’s not all that’s going on in our April Issue, along side Loyle Carner chatting with Robin Murray, you’ll find the likes of Girl Unit pushing boundaries and telling stories to Lee Wakefield, whilst Martha get rowdy with Danny wright. The Dave album has us fully addicted so, unsurprisingly is our album of the month. And of course there’s all the listings, events and new music you could need in there too.

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Loyle Carner photos by Phil Sharp