Brainfeeder – 8th November

A month before Lapalux announces his fourth album Amnioverse, I catch him jamming alongside an array of artists for Red Bull Music Festival’s Round Robin. Amongst the unconventional duets, he’s a standout contributor, and Amnioverse confirms he’s in remarkable form when it comes to his recorded material too.

Breathtakingly vast in scale, the fact that initial inspiration was stirred by a photograph of James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace installation feels fitting, as the record veers between sumptuous, lush techno (‘Earth’), unruly breaks (‘Voltaic Acid’), ambient soundscapes (‘Esc’) and a white-knuckle title track, a deliriously bonkers epic that’s big on beauty too.

Paired with striking artwork and a forthcoming AV show, Amnioverse stands as Lapalux’s crowning glory and one of Brainfeeder’s most essential bodies of work.

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