Lanark Artefax // New Sounds

For a rising electronic music producer, there could scarcely be a more auspicious beginning than having Aphex Twin and Björk drop your tracks into their DJ sets. Combine that with securing the support of UIQ’s Lee Gamble and Whities-boss Nic Tasker, plus a commission from Red Bull Music Academy to create an immersive audio-visual installation exploring performatism, and you’re beginning to get a sense of the uniquely privileged position that Lanark Artefax – real name Calum MacRae – currently occupies.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this 23-year-old, Glasgow-based producer cites Aphex Twin, Autechre and Mike Paradinas of Planet Mu as influential figures. His own ambitions are a little less predictable, with him reportedly finding the proposition of scoring films far more attractive than the prospect of packing out dance floors. Consequently, his output to date ranges wildly, taking in spacious and serene experimentalism like ‘Flickering Debris’, the IDM-meets- classical hybrid of ‘Voices Near The Hypocentre’, and club-friendly electro on 2017-breakout track ‘Touch Absence’.

MacRae’s latest track is the glitch-heavy ‘Styx’, written for Houndstooth’s In Death’s Dream Kingdom compilation, which is comprised entirely of compositions inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Hollow Men’. Suffice to say, attempting to second-guess MacRae’s next move would be futile so we’ll be watching him very closely instead.

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