Lags – Pilot // Album Review

To Lose La Track Records – out now

The world is a darker place than it was in 1997. It’s hard to imagine the riot rock of Rage Against The Machine, which burned so brightly in the late 90s, having the same impact were the genre to experience a revival today. Rome’s Lags are such revivalists, capturing the incendiary spirit and sinewy delivery of Refused and At The Drive-In, while lacking the clarity and conviction that elevates the best message metal records. ‘A Push and a Rush’, ‘War Was Over’, ‘Fear, Control, Mothers’ – all serviceable rock tracks with a tech edge, engineered to get fists raised on rock club dancefloors. The “fuck the system!” attitude of Pilot is inherently satisfying, even if the sentiment feels twee when viewed through 2015’s apathetic eye.

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