We caught up with Lafawndah to find out about a few tracks that influenced her recent mixtape, Honey Colony, in the run up to December’s show featuring a melting pot of talented artists pushing bounderies including Tirzah, Bonnie Banane, Kelsey Lu and more.

Subsequent to the release of her self-titled and TAN EPs, the creative trajectory of Lafawndah has both fanned out and sharpened, revealing an artist whose vision has only intensified as it expands. Lafawndah’s journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style. From a childhood spent under the tutelage of legendary percussion instructor Aderfi Aksil through to her controversial tenure at the short-lived but influential Dassin Sakina Institute, Lafawndah’s traversing of musical and artistic milieus has been defined by a freedom of tone, surrealist sense of space and assured manipulation of formal and psychological tension.

Lafawndah now presents The Honey Colony with Bonnie Banane, Kelsey Lu, Tirzah and more performing alongside herself at the Southbank Centre on 6th December bringing her recent Honey Colony II mixtape to life on stage. Witness the evolution of pop at a barrier-breaking concert experience. Lafawndah will be bringing a decentralised live performance of forward-thinking music, equal parts celebration and provocation. The Honey Colony will upend the relationship between performer, producer and audience.

HONEY COLONY artwork by Assia Dramé
HONEY COLONY artwork by Assia Dramé

At the show, the artists will combine material from their catalogues to create a hive mind: a playground of musical pathways, reflecting their sprawling, fluid friendships and affinities, with the audience an intimate participant. Tickets are available here.

We caught up with Lafawndah to find out about a few tracks that influenced her recent mixtape in the run up to December’s show.

Tirut Yebatin Lig

I start the honey colony project by taking accapellas. This one has
been an important one just because the ways of using a voice are so
dynamic and full. It sounds like 100 different voices. It’s a good
lesson on how to not feel confined vocally.


Djurdjura – Imezianen

I recently watched ‘La Montagne de Baya, a Kabyle film from Algeria
and I fell in love with this song. The Honey Colony is a women choir in
a way.


Mya featuring Missy Elliot – Bye Bye

The song Elheist and I did based it’s lyrics on this song. Except she
combines Missy’s rapping and Mya’s singing. it’s also a fun
girlfriends duet about a boy. how to make a break up sound playful.


Giacinto Scelsi – Ko-Lho for flute and clarinet

I started using flute again lately. After being in total rejection of
it cause I played it for 10 years and never really enjoyed it during
that time…But i’ve been getting back to it slowly and Giacinto
Scelsi’s interest in microtonal oscillations has been my way in. In
the Cardi B remix I did, I wanted to have a dissonant lullaby feeling
which this track is also definitely giving me.


سادات العالمي & ويجز _ توزيع عمرو حاحا _ كلمات ابو عمار _ انتاج (Kharban Sadat)

I met Sadat in Paris and hung out with him when I was in Cairo. This
is one of his recent tracks. For Kelsey Lu’s Due West, I wanted
something that felt like an Egyptian rave wedding song cause the
vocals are so glorious.


Tickets for The Honey Colony show at Southbank Centre on 6th December are on sale now.