Photo by Chona Kasinger.

Hardly Art – May 11th 

Floating Features is La Luz’s first album since relocating from Seattle to Los Angeles at the end of 2015, and their new home’s influence on the record is instantly, palpably clear. The title track immediately conjures images of cruising down palm tree-lined boulevards in a vintage car – top down, shades on, feelings of cool at an all-time high. The heat of the west coast oozes through the four-piece’s third album, melding into their psychedelic haze like melted ice cream into the pavement. ‘Golden One’ begins with claustrophobic layers, Marian Li Pino’s drums clanging through the fog until Shana Cleveland’s velvet vocals make everything dissipate. Elsewhere, ‘Walking Into The Sun’ is a soft waltz, and ‘Cicada’ brings a stormy twinge to what is easily La Luz’s best move yet.

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Live: The Dome Tufnell Park on September 27th