L.A. Witch are a formidable trio and Play With Fire, their new record, further cements their status as psych-rock icons. They also happen to be incredibly multi-faceted artists with a penchant for photography and they’ve shared a dreamy series of photos giving us a snapshot into their lives in L.A.

Taking things up a few notches from their previous debut release, Play With Fire bursts in with the ardent and assured clamor of ‘Fire Starter’. Their flair for resplendent, pyschedelic guitar riffs that take you to another plain is still at the core of the sound, just here their hazy psychedelia leans further into expansive, strident grunge-rock territory.

Whilst the trio, comprised of Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, and Ellie English, created their self-titled debut over the course of several years with a more laid-back approach, their follow-up found them needing to find a somewhat less casual method.“As far the creative process goes, this record is a result of sheer willingness to write,” says Sanchez. “When you sit down and make things happen, they will happen, rather than waiting to be inspired.” This process behind the record manifests in a potent immediacy that pulses through the record, making for a propulsive, immersive listen from start to finish.

Delve into L.A. Witch’s In Photos below.

Ellie Intro: These are all photos that were taken across Los Angeles. The first 3 pictures were all taken at L.A. music venues that have since closed.

Rhyan, one of our tour managers whose gone on the road with us a few times.

Matt Cronk from Los Angeles band Qui.

Kyle Souza from Prissy whip, also an L.A. band.

Some wonderful people at the beach on the west side of Los Angeles.

 And last but not least… We love pools, gardens, and dogs 🙂 that’s my dog Bonzo.

Irita Intro: My film was developed during quarantine and reflects life as it was before everything changed. This reflects the mindset in which we were writing for the album. We had been on a plane flying to the U.K. in November of 2016 for our first European tour, and the election results were broadcast live on our cabin screens. During the course of the last 4 years, much has changed and much has regressed. Discontent regarding social and political matters have slowly been escalating. My photos depict modern life and isolation even before we were forced to do so. Using this time to reflect on what was and what could be.

Small town America, a way of life that is decaying and crumbling as people move away in search of jobs. Infrastructure decays.

If you travel 20 minutes outside of a city center, rural America looks the same across the board – parts of California can look and feel no different from Texas or Alabama. This photo was taken on a highway outside of Fresno, California.

The American diner, once popular pit-stops for families road tripping down Route 66, are disappearing. Mostly mom and pop owned, they have been replaced by fast food and chain restaurants.

Stray dogs in the middle of Death Valley in California, the hottest place on earth. Temperatures there recently reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56 degrees celsius).

My boyfriend at the end of the world. Malibu, California.

Sade Intro: Here are some photos taken by me. Shooting film has been a long time passion of mine since high school. It’s nice to be able to share some. The theme of my photos are Wheels in California! All taken on my Olympus Stylus Epic and my Contax T2.

Processed with VSCO with l9 preset

First photo is my Nephew in Chinatown. My parents used to take me here all the time growing up. I was so in love with the colors and neon lights. My dream was to live in China town, lol. Im so glad it’s still around for my nephew to experience.

Processed with VSCO with ka3 preset

This photo is a really shitty selfie of me riding through the desert on my motorcycle. It was about 110 degrees and about 200 miles to and from my destination. A very brutal but beautiful ride. I really like the reflection of the clouds and the road in my face shield. It sucks that we haven’t been touring, but at least I get the chance to go on long rides!

Next photo is a beautiful black 1963 Chevy Impala. One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is the amount of cool cars you see. I live in East L.A. and there are a lot of lowrider’s and car shows. This time the lowrider community got together to show support for the BLM movement. I was so overwhelmed that day. Everywhere I looked there was a beautiful/badass car.

Motorcycle ride in Sequoia – the best way to get in touch with nature. We parked our bikes and hiked up to a natural sliding rock in the river. I didn’t do it since I already learned my lesson at Sliding rock in Arizona, haha!

Processed with VSCO with ss3 preset
This last photo is of me riding with my boyfriend, Andrew, and our friend, Nick. They look so cool. Nick has his face mask on and he’s like a covid-biker-leather-daddy. Andrew’s got those 80s style glasses. I love how different everyones bike and style is. So lucky to be in L.A where we can ride to such a huge variety places.

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