Matador – October 12th

Hey, everyone! Death is coming! That’s what Kurt Vile’s here to gently remind us and Bottle It In, his first album in three years, encourages us to sit with the certainty. It’s best listened to when the air is cooling, with a blanket wrapped around you on a deserted beach as each guitar pedal takes on a personality of its own. Reverse delay appropriately narrates second single ‘Backasswards’ — a song about coming back down to Earth after a day of daydreaming, and Mary Lattimer’s harp adds a welcome element unheard of in any previous Kurt record. But in classic Vile style, the songs sprawl with his drooling improvisations on love and death and his little lot in life. Those waiting for hooks won’t get them. The riffs repeat and remind us to stay in the moment, to go with the flow, to love everything you have. Death is coming.

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Live: O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on November 6th