Kurt Vile – B’Lieve I’m Goin Down

96046Matador Records – out now

Under the wild mane of hair and behind the boyish smile resides one righteous rocker. If you caught him romping away on his electric guitar in Victoria Park this summer, you know. But few would have guessed the Philly ace would employ a banjo, piano, farfisa, arps, horns and a synth to administer his latest dose of psychedelia melancholia. “I woke up this morning/didn’t recognise the man in the mirror/then I laughed and I said/oh silly me, that’s just me,” he croons disarmingly on ‘Pretty Pimpin’. Not one to pen a duff track, his sixth album is his cohesive best, thanks to his trademark laconic delivery, bluesy acoustic guitar licks and a greater focus on his singing. All in a daze work.

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