A few months ago KUČKA dropped ‘Drowning’, her debut track on LuckyMe and first solo release in three years, instantly captivating us with her silky, candied vocals gliding amongst effervescent synths and dusky, pared-down beats. Today she shares her next single ‘Real’, drawing us further into her shimmering, emotive soundscapes. To celebrate the release, KUČKA talks us through five tracks that have influenced her.

The creative moniker of LA-based Australian-Liverpudlian musician and producer Laura Jane Lowther, KUČKA has worked with the likes of SOPHIE, Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky and Flume. The latter is also a collaborator on her solo work, with Flume’s sound tangible in the production. Her latest single sees Lowther’s dreamy, pensive and cathartic songwriting further come to the fore, matched by twinkling, melancholic melodies and swirling, brooding percussion.

With exciting things on the horizon, including an album due next year, we can’t wait to hear what’s next. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Real’ and get to know KUČKA In Five…

Beck – Get Real Paid

When I first moved to Australia there was a store called ‘Dirt Cheap CDs’. I would spend $30/40 a month buying the ones with cool looking covers and stumbled across Beck’s Midnight Vultures. The whole album was so genius sounding to me but this track especially stood out. I would say this track was the catalyst for me to start exploring electronic sounds.
The Knife – Full of Fire
This track makes me want to thrash my body around in a dark sweaty room until I collapse.
Tirzah – Make it up

Love how this track chugs along with such a relaxed feel. It’s messy but contained exactly where it needs to be.

Mount Kimbie ft. Michachu –  Marilyn
I was touring with Mount Kimbie when they first released this track and so this takes me back to that time on every listen. I remember I loved it so much I would be secretly listening to it on the tour bus hoping no one would hear it!
Visible Cloaks – Mask
Visible cloaks always have the most mesmerising tones. I love how the natural sounds dip in and out of this so you feel like you’re in some kind of digital forest.
‘Real’ is out on LuckyMe now. Buy/Stream here.