Krill – Lucky Leaves // Album Review

krillSteak Club – November 17th

“Whenever I have a good time, I just miss my suffering” Krill’s lead singer Jonah sings in a nasal drawl on ‘Oppressor’. On the Boston band’s third album (making its way over to our fair shores only a year after its original release) it’s hard to discern whether they are having a damn good time goofing around or communicating a tormented and tumultuous existence. The dozen strong collection of disorientating and obscure quirk rock tunes flutter with wry and lightly impudent observations on life, lust, grit and grime. Capering through pitch shifting melodies, shuffling percussion tangles with snarling riffs and chords, making it a raw and disturbing parcel of irreverent sketches. A deviant and oddball album, and so much the better for it.


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Live: The Old Blue Last – February 25th