Korallreven – Second Comin’ // Album Review

korallrevenCascine/Sony – out now

If you’ve been patiently yearning for Korallreven’s second full length offering for longer than you care to admit, I feel your pain. An Album By Korallreven was a blissful exploration of understated grooves and sumptuous electronica, and in Second Comin’, the Swedish duo have taken a firmer grip of the dance floor. Of course, it has been threatened on occasions in the past, but tracks such as ‘The Highest State Of Grace’ and ‘Spirit Away’ take the bashful flirting with the disco ball to fourth base, armed with strobes, sucker-punching synths and glittering production. If the first record is treasured for its seamless construction, Second Comin’, it could be argued, feels a smidgen disjointed in that department – it’s likely, however, that you’ll be dancing far too hard to care.


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