Kirin J Callinan // Live Review

Sebright Arms – October 8th

kirin feat

Tuesday was one of those nights where you were witness to a series of unfortunate events: First the microphone shut down randomly, then the pedals stopped working. The faulty connection between the cable and speakers was just the icing on the cake. With such a premise, Kirin J. Callinan’s gig could have been an escalation of frustration. I can list a few artists who’d just walk off and call it a night. Not Kirin J. Callinan. Kirin is a real performer. He just turns these accidents to his advantage.

Once again, he is ready to fulfill the audience’s expectations; his stage persona is sharp and provocative, his manners are exquisite. He jumps on stage with full-on ‘hat-bomber-jacket-tracksuit’ outfit, and by the end of the night he ends up wearing branded K.J. Callinan panties from what seems to be one of the fellow Aussies in the audience. Just like the best master of ceremonies he goes from the heartfelt (‘Chardonnay Sean’) to the biting (‘Toddler’).

Less intimate then our last encounter a couple of months ago, this live performance was a showcase of raw energy and virtuosity of the highest level. His unique and beautifully imperfect vocals were topped off with the fuzziest, loudest, grittiest guitar you could ever expect to hear from what has been called a “freak pop” act.

Kirin J. Callinan is surrealism 2.0., if you will? An impeccable blend of introspection and diversion, even when screaming at the top of his voice into a mute microphone. Mr. Callinan had his own personal battle against technology and, between you and me, he definitely won.


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