99477Moshi Moshi – March 25th

This rollicking thrill ride from twenty-year-old Kiran Leonard is a technicolor and wholly refreshing adventure crafted around ‘Pink Fruit’, a 16-minute epic that makes Cloud Nothings’ ‘Wasted Days’ sound tame by comparison. At about an hour long, it packs more twists and turns than a high-speed Hollywood chase, but trades the glamour for raw, shredding riffs, subtle strings and early 90s Built to Spill quality. Then there are tracks like ‘Öndör Gongor’ and ‘Don’t Make Friends with Good People’ that turn world music and Fleet Foxes-style rhythms on their heads. While his previous album Bowler Hat Soup was more hazy, Ariel Pink- esque melodies, Grapefruit shows a more confident side to Leonard and reveals exactly what his dizzying mind is capable of. Highly jubilant, extremely cathartic listening.

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Live: The Lexington – April 4th