XL Recordings – October 13th

Nearly four years on from releasing 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, Archy Marshall returns to the King Krule moniker with The OOZ: a deeply dense excursion of an album that’s the sum of its name. Through twisted jazz touches, dive bar piano flourishes and the grungiest psychedelia, Marshall has built a menagerie of the mank: a dreamlike journey into his subconscious that builds on the Hitchcockian world of his debut while adding more Cronenberg horrors. A thick and heavy 19 tracks long, The OOZ flutters from late night lounge music with a nightmarish touch (‘Czech One’, ‘Cadet Limbo’) to the trashiest of lo-fi punk (‘Emergency Blimp’). It’s far from an easy ride, but there’s plenty of gold to be found in Marshall’s filthy, gunk-ridden world.

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Live: KOKO on November 21st and 22nd November