Khushi // Live Review

Electrowerkz – March 6th


There is a new East London kid on the block, and he goes by the name of K H U S H I and tonight he’s celebrating the release of his debut EP ‘Phantoms’. The stage is warmed up by the electro chill of Peter Lyons (who also collaborated on the EP), subsequently taking an unexpected twist with the bedroom folk of Barnacles. The adorably awkward duo combines Kimya Dawson-like catchy folk extravaganza and everyday themes, such as the art of procrastination. Another direction is taken by the London newcomer K H U S H I and his blissful blend of tender pop and crisp alt-folk. The folk/torch singer-songwriter melodies are backed up by R&B beats layered vocals a là Urusen and Alt J, creating a intimate yet powerful live version of the songs recorded in Phantom. Whilst losing the frugal production and the subsequent haziness that it implied, the sound acquires an unexpected energetic touch thanks to the well-rounded guitars pulsing the rhythm forward. There’s a surprise shout-out to Kevin from Cambridge, who brought the stolen guitar back to his owner after having found it on eBay, it’s just the icing of the cake in this friendly and intimate bubble that K H U S H I crafted for us. With many big things to come for Kalim and his crew, we’re eager to see where this path will lead him.


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