Kevin Drew // Tales from the City

kevin drew

Too many nights at The Columbia Hotel. It’s like the rundown headquarters for up and comers. Rumors of ghosts and scabies were always a hot topic at the bar. Many of us have been to the rooms that can barely fit our bodies and many of us had sleepless nights. When you graduate from that character castle the next logical place is the K West. A Boutique hotel run by Russians and filled with memories of “almost made it” bands all over the carpets.

It was here I heard the triad of sex. Never in my hotel travels had I heard three rooms going for it at the same time. It felt slightly choreographed and staged.I was worried my reaction was being filmed.

I remember that night because we had just played Shepherd’s Bush Empire, a venue I knew from seeing Jeff Buckley when I was eighteen. It was a sold out show but my uncle somehow got me tickets. I went with the most romantic teenage love I had ever felt at the time and we sat in the balcony watching him set the tone for so many singers to come. It was a historic show for me. So, finally being at the Empire was a “holy god” of a moment. Huge. Massive. Unbelievable. Then later that night I get three rooms going for it? Three? Above me and both beside me?
It somehow felt like a salute from the man himself. I did what anyone would do in my situation – ordered a grill cheese sandwich and listened to Buckley’s Grace while babies were being made all around me. I enjoyed that night immensely.


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