Not only has Kenzie TTH just dropped her incredible new single ‘Losing Sleep’ on her own label BBYTTH, she also runs the sick sad girlz platform and is collaborating with Depop for the launch of the first BBYTTH magazine (coming soon). We caught up with the multi-talented artist to talk five influential tracks.

‘Losing Sleep’ instantly crafts an eerie, liminal dream state from the first warped, ethereal intonations. Blending skittering, glacial trap-beats and skewed fairground-like melodies with Kenzie TTH’s earnest lyricism and otherworldly, contorted vocals, ‘Losing Sleep’ offers a fully immersive and potent sonic trip into the Boston-born, London-raised artist’s distinct and authentic creative cosmos.

Speaking on the track Kenzie TTH explains “It’s somewhere between a zombie state and fever dream, in a moment when I was spending a lot of time in my bedroom for various reasons, only really going places via the memories of a twisted, almost-relationship that constantly probed in my mind. It’s that place where all you want to do is sleep to escape reality, but dreams only drudge up those memories, so you’re left in this weird state of limbo.”

Get to know Kenzie TTH In Five…

Betty Davis – They Say I’m Different

I don’t know how much this comes through in my music, but this song had a huge influence on me as an artist. Betty Davis rides the rhythm in this killer, syncopated way. I love figuring out how words behave in songs versus in conversation. Betty Davis was the first vocal artist I really got into who wasn’t bound to structure in her songwriting. It was so much about syllables and just what sounded good. I remember dancing to this song at like seventeen, getting ready to go somewhere and really thinking I was somebody haha.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven

Movie soundtracks had and still have a huge effect on my songwriting and I feel like I’m constantly searching for the right song to ride a feeling out. Just Like Heaven is the archetypal rom com song for me. It has incredible pop sensibility with a chorus that hits all the euphoric molecules in my brain, but like everything The Cure does, there’s a slightly sad lilt to it. The Cure was the perfect band to me in that respect. There’s this soft romantic but also entirely cynical feeling to their music, and that high school goth sadboy aesthetic is something that’s kind of inherently ingrained in everything I create and gravitate towards.

Kanye West – Runaway (ft Pusha T)

Not the most original thought, but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the most seminal albums in my life. It’s one of those records that I never skip a song from when it comes on shuffle, and I continue to return to it for inspiration. Runaway is such a tender song and it’s so real. It skips past metaphors and crazy word play and presents this concept of battling with your demons so concisely.

Björk – So Broken (Live with Raimundo Amador for Jools Holland 1998)

This song, specifically this version of the song, taught me so much about the dichotomies that can exist in music, and it’s so punk rock. The instrumentation, melody and vocals are so beautiful and yet there’s a rawness that’s almost uncomfortable at times. It works so well, especially in context with the meaning of the song. I love that juxtaposition; the harshness and the beauty. It’s a nice reminder that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Tweet – Cigarettes

When I say I love this song !! This song kept me company through so many heartbroken nights smoking out of my window it only makes sense that it would make its way into my influences. I love Tweet’s storytelling. Cigarettes is earthy and sweet and makes me feel warm, but it’s not timid. There’s a boldness and power in her voice and lyrics that I really love and really affected me when I first starting writing songs on guitar. My songs have a much more produced sound to them now, but at the base-level, I just want to write a good song that talks about something I’m feeling.

‘Losing Sleep’ is out now. 

Photo credit: Drew Escriva