106737Tri Angle Records – October 14th

A sound designer for film by trade, what LA-based producer Katie Gately lacks in musical training, she easily makes up for in curiosity and innate creativity. Indeed, unbound by any formal framework, she’s free to explore the furthest reaches of her imagination, resulting in an album that she – somewhat self-deprecatingly – describes as being “forty-nine percent obnoxious and fifty-one percent fun.” Skilfully sampling, manipulating, looping and stitching together field recordings, diverse instrumentation and her own diaphanous, almost Julia Holter-esque vocals, Gately’s maximalist songs-cum-sound collages definitely aren’t for fragile heads. But equally, you’ll find that strong melodies consistently cut through the densely-layered cacophony, and that Gately’s irrepressible enthusiasm provides an infectious energy that runs throughout this playful debut set.

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