Bella Union – November 17th

Recorded in the same space by the same people over the same two-week period as Matthew E. White’s debut album Big Inner, Karl Blau’s latest record Out Her Space finally arrives with a sense of weight lifted, like a piece of a puzzle you never knew you were missing.

Out Her Space is an exercise in subtlety – rarely overdone but always busy. We’re talking bubbling percussion, gently grooving bass guitars, whimsical glitches, horns teased from nothingness, freestyle jazz breakdowns and the odd crazed electric guitar to really keep you on your toes. Blau’s voice is light and lithe but his pointed enunciation gives weight to his words, their gravity pulling against the warm, indulgent central swirl.

Basically, this is exactly the kind of record we’d expect from a Blau/Spacebomb partnership.

Buy: Karl Blau – Out Her Space

Live: The Borderline on March 8th 2018