Meet Kaisha: Malaysian born and Brighton based, the music student’s newest release Tell Me has blessed our ears this week. Taking inspiration from the likes of H.E.R, Mac Ayres, Moonchild & Homeshake, Kaisha has a fondness for experimentation and twisted R&B. Tell Me was born from being stuck in a vicious cycle, and is a beautiful neo-soul offering that shares the struggle of trying to fix the unfixable. 

Hey Kaisha, how are you today?

I’m good thanks! It’s a nice feeling to have a new track out. I’ve been busy putting out stuff all year and now that it’s nearing to the EP release, I can’t believe it’s come so quick!
How have you found lockdown has impacted your creative process?
The lockdown has pushed me to really focus on my music. I was juggling a job before but with all that free time, I was able to put in more time writing and doing solid prep for my releases. Also not being able to film any content forced me to be super creative when it came to creating content!
Bedroom studios are becoming the norm for young artists these days – talk us through your set up?
It deffo is! I’ve got a small interface, a Neumann microphone and set of speakers. Got a sweet midi keyboard, electric guitar and bass – so all I need is pretty much in my bedroom to start writing. Don’t really have an excuse to not be!
What’s the story behind Tell Me?  
I actually drew inspiration from a close friend’s past relationship. I’d never seen two people so incompatible yet so stubborn that they just kept wanting to work it out. After a while it was the same story over and over again! So Tell Me talks about that exhausting cycle that two lovebirds keep getting stuck in. Fight, make up, repeat.
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?
Pop with a neo-soul twist
What can we expect next from Kaisha?
My EP, titled “Something Else” which will include my past 3 singles – Shoulda Known, Ready Set Go and the most recent, Tell Me, will be out on the 23rd of July. Plus two additional EP tracks! Mega gassed for this. Also… featuring on a track on Sam Wills’s collab EP coming out soon, and a collab track with El Train is in the works!
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