Sooper Records – July 12th

Emitting an emotive warmth and vitality, Next To The Sun – the debut record from Chicago based artist, KAINA – is imbued with a glistening, rich humanity. On the title track she softly sings “Tell me what you think about me, dancing with my duality,” and across the album explores her personal heritage and identity, drawing influence from her Latina roots and Chicago’s rich music scene.

Weaving soulful, lilting layers of sound, KAINA possesses a particular capacity for crafting beautifully tender tracks at once deeply intimate and inviting, within which her velvety, effervescent intonations flow with an entrancing gracefulness. A record through which KAINA meditates on the ever-fluctuating experience of self-exploration, acceptance, and growth as an individual, Next To The Sun offers up a space of resplendent, uplifting serenity.

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