It’s Kai Whiston bitch… We caught up with the 19 year-old producer to find out about a few influences in the making of his debut LP Kai Whiston Bitch which came out last week on GLOO, the label Kai has formed with his long time friend and fellow far-out producer IGLOOGHOST.

There’s something painterly about 19 year-old producer Kai Whiston’s hyper-surrealist beat music, with each sound being contorted and manipulated to the point that would rather reflect the mark-making of a De Kooning piece than any genre-focused electronic scenes. After exploring the ideas of adolescent fury on ‘Fissure Price’ EP –Released on Big Dada last year– and facing the dramas of the UK justice system after a brief false imprisonment, Whiston’s rupturing abrasion refuses to take it’s foot off the pedal.

Across 40 minutes, his maximalist pastiche spans across the entire LP, drawing fractured influences from Arca, Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, Timbaland & even occasionally nu-metal, smashing an entire spectrum of references together. Whiston returns after a plethora of cosigns from the likes of Iglooghost, Noisia, Skrillex, Danny Brown, Kanye West, Anthony Fantano, Mary Anne Hobbs, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and many more. The moombahton inspired ‘Your Secrets’ features underground pop specialist Clarence Clarity, whose production was littered all over Rina Sawayama’s acclaimed 2017 project RINA.

On his debut album, Whiston says “This is the collective pursuit of every irrational primitive desire and instinct that we all face.. Kai Whiston Bitch is my voice of self indulgence that develops beyond any evaluative insight, with every disregard of being civilised. A complete ephemera of shedding, estranging all polite perspectives. Being a dickhead has never felt so romantic.”

We caught up with him to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his debut LP Kai Whiston Bitch.

Lightning Bolt – The Metal East

This track blew my mind when I first heard it as a small boy. Just such a fucking drive to it and doesn’t sound like it appropriates anything else. Fantasy empire was their first album made in a studio and it felt like upgrading from VHS to Blu-ray. 4k blu-ray mosh music was definitely a M.O. of sorts.

Montell2099 – SUSU

My personal fav montell2099 track. Just sounds totally fucking unforgiving and I love the weird bird noises on the 2nd drop. sounds like Kai Whiston if I wore snapbacks and played at ultra music festival.


I really fucking love the weird balle imposter producer side of Soundcloud. apart from how every snare is always fucking amazing, I really like how they never take their shit too seriously. Im waiting for the next dj kaio whistonio

Boothroyd – Rinsed

Although he would resent the idea of anyone writing about his music, the twitchy melodic progression in this is fuckin phenomanal. his take on the world is beautiful and one to be cherished.

Iglooghost & Toby Gale – Honey Soaker

Of course had to include the mouth-breather in there. He accidentally convinced me not to ever copy and paste when I was 15 and it’s been the fucking bane of my life ever since. Oh yeah Toby Gale has a version on his new project without all the Iglooghost bits and it’s honestly even better.


Kai Whiston Bitch is out now.