They might be barely out of their teens, but Kagoule, whose sound recalls the visceral energy of 80s underground and 90s grunge, are busy carving out their own identity.

As well as the release of their impressive debut album Urth in 2015, the Nottingham three-piece have been racking up notable performance credits, sharing stages with The Wytches, Iceage, METZ, Sleaford Mods and Drenge, and are set to headline an all-dayer at the Shacklewell Arms on 6th May, feat. support from Mohit, Husky Loops, Venture Lows and Faderdaze.

To get ready, we asked the band to share five songs that have influenced them throughout their career. You can also win tickets to their show by entering below.

Sum 41 – In Too Deep
This is my earliest memory of music actually. My family at the time weren’t very musical (weirdly enough they started a band after Kagoule started) so I got my music fix through music TV. This song was my first favourite song because it was the only one that the whole family liked and got us all dancing in the same room. Maybe it had an influence on why i chose to play ‘punk’ guitar music now.

Biffy Clyro – There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake
So a few years went by and I had ended up going down a more metal path with my guitar playing. Luckily my mate Hugh showed me Biffy in school one day and it changed my approach to guitar riffs forever really. From then on it was weirder the better…

The Beatles – A Day In The Life
Still in school, a year or so later I met Lucy and she introduced me to The Beatles. It’s easy when you start out to forget that underneath all your wicked effects pedals and wall of noise that there needs to be a solid song. I don’t think I quite understood this until I delved into the depths of the Beatles. No matter how weird they got there was always a brilliant song buried in there. Oh and HARMONIES…lots and lots of harmonies.

Pixies – Gigantic
We had formed Kagoule now and just started writing our own tunes. All of us at the same time played as loudly as we could for a punishing 6 minutes. It was after being introduced to Pixies that I realised that sometimes less is more. It also made me beg Lucy to start singing in the band because them guy/girl duo vocals are what music is all about baby.

Fugazi – No Surprise
I think to finish it off I’d have to say it was Fugazi that completed the sound. I can’t even really put it into words but there’s something so magical about them. I downsized my pedalboard drastically and started trying to make interesting sounds with what just a guitar, amp and distortion pedals can do. Basically, I started focusing more on the playing rather than the sound and being more interested in the groove and feel.

Kagoule play the Shacklewell Arms on 6th May.

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