Matador Records – October 27th

On her second full-length, Julien Baker offers a striking collection of songs that manage to be both deeply personal and distinctly universal at the same time. Whereas her 2015 debut focused almost entirely around just Baker and her guitar, here the 21-year-old reaches new expansive heights, taking to the piano on several tracks and, on the title track, swapping an acoustic guitar arrangement mid-track for a searing overdrive. Under this though is still the raw vulnerability and intimacy that’s characterised her work since the beginning. Turn The Lights Out may explore broken relationships (‘Sour Breath’), the search for a cure that doesn’t exist (‘Everything To Help You Sleep’) and the loneliness of never truly understanding anyone else (‘Shadowboxing’), but at the centre of such heavy material still seems a semblance of hope.

Buy: Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights

Live: Union Chapel on November 10th