Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness // Album Review

julia holterDomino – September 25th

The follow-up to 2013’s Loud City Song, Have You In My Wilderness is a complex, whole and radiant album, described by Holter as ten tracks about ‘love, trust, and power in human relationships.’ It’s as shifting and varied as that could be, simultaneously enigmatic and intimate, moving from a haunting whisper to unfurling abandon through the eloquence of classic chord structures and poetic melodies. Latest single ‘Feel You’ is both seductive and airy, Holter’s vocals being pushed to the fore on the advice of producer Cole M. Greif-Neill. Her plaintive voice yearning out “Oh she’s been marooned can anybody help her?” on ‘Lucette Stranded On An Island’ is breaking in emotion, whilst her bounding immediacy in ‘Sea Calls Me Home’ as she chimes out “I can’t swim. It’s lucidity. So clear!” almost feels like her voice could be grabbed and bottled. Ballad heavy, it’s full of jaunty intrigue and hazy sincerity with a rich heritage. This is a city album, the sound of people surveying their journey, the ten songs are very much stories. In an interview with Pitchfork, Holter described how she does not write songs but ‘makes songs’ and the wholesome solidity of the painted ambiance can be unnerving in its realism. Lustrous like the shimmer of rain drops on steel, it’s an album where vulnerability and strength traverse hand in hand.


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Live: Islington Assembly Hall – November 12th