The first time I came to London was when I was 15 years old. My father was singing at the Royal Opera House – I think it was Boulevard Solitude – and me and my mom flew over from Germany for a visit. I was probably expecting a cool trip for a teenager, but thinking about that specific time of my life, I remember that my parents were putting a question mark over their relationship. So this visit turned out to be pretty emotional!

I remember London being rainy and grey, but colourful in another way, and inspiring. A constant atmosphere of profound tradition and the new, without really knowing why. It’s a feeling that I still get when I’m in London just by walking around and it seems to be more present here that in a lot of other cities. I had never experienced such diversity of cultures in a European city like this before and there was ultimately something that made me want to be a part of it. So swapping a cheerful vacation for a serious one – involuntarily seeing the city through more grown-up eyes – happened for me very unexpectedly, but was nothing I regretted…maybe some of the melancholia in my music and my love for rain started there?

My second visit would have been one or two years later to see friends – but I can only remember the food! That’s a little alarming, but I guess if you love food, London is a place that can make you forget about your friends. Since then, I’ve returned to London through my music. Not often, but enough to feel something intense and curious about the people, and about how art is being experienced in very natural way.

London, sometimes you speak too fast, giving me a hard time, but I like you very much and can’t wait to see you again.

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