Josh T. Pearson – The Straight Hits! // Album Review

Mute Records – April 13th

Totalling two albums in as many decades, Josh T. Pearson’s recorded output to date might be modest, but its quality is indisputable, framing the Lift To Experience-man first as a post-rock-loving, apocalyptic soothsayer on The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, and then as a tortured troubadour on 2011’s sparse epic, Last Of The Country Gentlemen. Essentially, he’s the last musician you’d go to for light relief, and yet this new record was designed to “make people happy and spread peace.” Written quickly within self-imposed parameters that prioritised simplicity, The Straight Hits! contains Pearson’s most direct and upbeat material: the roots-rock thrash ‘Straight To The Top’ and the sunny, organ-embellished ‘Straight At Me’. And yet, it’s the introspective moments that really shine, be that the intimate folk of ‘Dire Straights Of Love’ or ‘A Love Song”s spectral sprawl.

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Live: Islington Assembly Hall on May 22nd