Johannes Motschmann conjures musical landscapes to create their melancholic synth-laden universe. Hailing from Berlin they take influence from the space around them to build huge sounds with their unusual set-up that includes analogue synthesizers, an old Wurlitzer piano and the famous Yamaha CP-70. Having just released their EP Waves At Boundaries, we get an insight into their world with their day, in photos.

Playing with my son at some unearthly hour

On the way to our studio Dave and I drop by our labels office to stock up on records.

Finally starting the rehearsal at our studio with Boris Bolles and David Panzl.

Then we start disassembling the set-up for transport.

Our studio is on the 8th floor, very happy the lift works today.

We are in Dresden reassembling the whole thing for the show. This takes 15 hours…

And here we go!

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