How do you define the indefinable? That’s both the difficulty with describing and utter joy of simply discovering Jockstrap, the Dean Blunt and Björk-approved duo of comprised of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye.

Having come together in 2017 while attending London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama – where they’re still studying jazz and electronic composition respectively – Ellery and Skye are already responsible for a slew of wonderfully warped compositions that draw on their individual strengths. As sometime violinist with Goat Girl and Black Country, New Road, Ellery oversees the lush arrangements and contributes dewy vocals, while Skye leads on fantastically off-kilter production. So far, the results have never been anything less than riveting.

Take their 2018 EP, Love Is The Key To The City. One moment they’re making the sort of barbed bossanova that belongs in a Chris Morris film (‘I Want Another Affair’), the next they’re abruptly slicing through symphonic strings with Pong-style synth arpeggios and pitch-shifted vocals that demand “Fuck me!” (‘Joy’).

Now signed to Warp, their first single for the label is ‘Acid’, a suitably lysergic waltz driven by shivering Disney strings, staccato keys and coruscating electronics. To the surprise of precisely nobody, it’s as brilliant as it is utterly unclassifiable.

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