Why do you live in London?
Because we got into music school in London! But I guess we chose London because that’s where all the cats go.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?
Jai Krishna in Crouch End, Ali Baba (get the halloumi wrap) and Mangal 1 in Dalston. Sam Bal Shiok in Highbury & Islington. The Rochester Castle in Stoke Newington! Maccy Ds…

Winter’s (in theory) nearly here. Where are the best places to hunker down away from the cold?
In The Rochester, on the tube, or on the sofa. The bus gets kinda steamy! We don’t really hunker down in nice coffee shops… just in the living room really.

What’s the best way to spend one really good day here?
Do the charity shops, go on a long walk in a park, see some art, go to a gig. Treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Do you have any favourite outdoor spaces?
I love Hampstead Heath ponds. Ally Pally is cool – great ice rink.

What’s the worst thing about London?
Being a cyclist in London and nearly dying every time you travel. But we wear helmets.

What’s the bit of London that you live in got that the rest of London hasn’t?
North London has some fantastic venues and fewer smelly students. We have the Emirates Stadium. We have 30-year-old hipsters and warehouses.

Do you have any favourite venues?
I do like Moth Club… the sound’s always great, nice interior and it’s not too far away. Always home by 1am! Heaven’s wicked – we had a great time playing there with Let’s Eat Grandma this year. 5 Miles is also snazzy. 100 Club feels posh. Superstore does a great Negroni!

Does living here influence the music you write?
Yeah, massive urban vibes from the city. Our music wouldn’t be the same if we lived in the country!

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
Cycle. Watch live music. Wear what you want. Kiss whoever. Be a star.

As told by Jockstrap’s Georgia Ellery. Photo by Holly Whitaker.

Jockstrap – Love Is The Key To The City
November 2, 2018 – Kaya Kaya Records
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