If you’re like me, the first time you heard a Jimothy Lacoste (not his real name) song you were probably left feeling a little bemused. Like a joke you hadn’t been let in on. He was Poundland Bandit’s mate and it couldn’t feel more modern. But before the end of the song something suddenly clicks, and it makes perfect sense. His deadpan delivery – speak-rapping over catchy-as-hell bedroom synths – suddenly hits, and your synapses flare as he offers his unique brand of fresh, homespun wisdom. Listen and you’ll learn about: not doing drugs (‘Drugs’), love and commitment (‘Future Bae’) and the joys of the efficiency of the tube (‘Subway System’).

His star is rising fast. He’s racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube with his brilliant lo-fi videos featuring his enigmatic dance moves, bopping on top of double decker buses, and hanging onto the back of trains, but he’s a lot more than a mere meme. He’s too clever, too funny and too sincere for that. There’s a joy and freshness to the songs that overtakes you, like when you first listened to the Streets. Like Mike Skinner, he’s also funny, really funny. His dapper style might see him dismissed but his music is more than a one-trick joke. There is substance behind the style, and songs are bursting at the seams with ideas (editor: put down The Big Book of Fashion Idioms, Danny). As, erm, Chase and Status have said: “Vibe, sound, look – it’s all running.”

The overwhelming impression is that this is what it’s like to be young and living in London. Or at least one wonkily, witty take on life in the capital. “Life is getting quite exciting,” he sang on his 2017 breakout track ‘Getting Busy!’ A self-fulfilling prophecy that shows he’s always one step ahead and as smart as his surname suggests. In 2019 get ready to see a lot more Lacoste on the streets.