In a town where music is rife and the streets are thriving, it can be difficult to stand out. However, Jimothy managed to shine over the vibrancy of Camden Town. He showed his screaming fans that life really is “getting quite exciting” and, from the moment he ran on stage, the crowd did not stop moving.

Jimothy’s show at KOKO this Valentines Day ranged from a perfect date to the best place to go on a night out with your friends. The show was open to all audiences, it was a place for the quietest and the loudest alike. Without a doubt Jimothy made everyone’s day a little better, even stating that you don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy the day. Jimothy told the audience that no matter if you’re here with your partner or your best friend, the day and the show is for you.

Kicking off his set with the brilliant ‘Car Jack’ Jimothy immediately showed his captivating performance style. His astonishing vocals shone through as soon as he began to sing, his Mike Skinner-esque lyrics and incredibly catchy melodies making a strong impact on the whole audience. Jimothy creates a natural and comfortable atmosphere. He is inclusive, and chats to the audience – telling them how we should all feel ‘blessed’ and stress free.

Unveiling his brand new single ‘Burberry Socks’ during the show and even giving fans a sneak peek of the visual at the end, it is apparent just how much Jimothy’s supporters mean to him. Even in more high-octane moments such as fan favourites ‘Subway System’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘I Can Speak Spanish’ (which saw a stage dive from Camden’s very own Timothy Gonzalez), it was apparent that lyrical content is paramount, and Jimothy has a message he wants to share.

At a couple of points, the artist was joined on stage by two backup dancers dressed head to toe in Lacoste tennis wear – a smart touch, along with the living room style set decorations, and chequered dance floor. Later in the show, Jimothy introduced his amazingly talented sister, Rhapsody, who joined him on stage to play bass on his break-through single ‘Future Bae’.

Huge highlights included confetti cannons, 200 pink balloons falling from the ceiling, and a plethora of fans recalling “LIFE IS GETTING QUITE EXCITING”.

Jimothy truly captured many-a-heart this Valentine’s day.

Words by Ava Carter-Miller