As Jim Legxacy releases his new track ‘PowerTrip’ today, along with the announcement of his sophomore EP BTO! dropping in a few weeks’ time, we caught up with the South East London artist to find out more about the upcoming project and five tracks that have influenced it.

Showcasing his formidable and diverse talent ‘PowerTrip’ sees Legxacy deliver hard bars one minute and rich, soulful crooning the next atop glacial trap beats and emotive melodies. The track follows on from ‘4LeafClover’ and continues to build on his inimitable, genre-bending sonic legacy.

Speaking on the track, Legxacy explains, “I realised pretty quickly that people are always going to critique what you do… So at some point you just need to embrace that. Making PowerTrip felt like revenge on all the people that deprived me of opportunities.”

Get to know Jim Legxacy In Five…

“The project sonically is an attempt to blend indie rock elements with trap melodies & hard hitting drums! I wanted the beats to sound very unconventional but still have some sense of structure that would keep the listener a bit grounded! I was inspired by a lot of Paramore songs, aswell as JPEGMAFIA. This was also around the time I started to properly delve into what MF DOOM has done. I think lyrically the music seems to cover a lot of Afro-Pessimism, I only discovered that term recently I think prior to the discovery of this term I was just talking about my life, when I was writing it I was literally just describing my life & what was making me feel at the time, you know? I think the music does showcase my inability to look at things positively – The lack of optimism is very present & for good reason when I look back on stuff. But yeah I like the 808s too…”

Flyleaf – Circle

This is one of the most intense songs I’ve heard in my life, I was drawn in by the ability to convey emotion through the lead singers tonal dexterity as well as her lyrics. Whole thing is crazy.

Headie One & Skepta – Back 2 Basics

This song is amazing, Skepta & Headie with an amazing beat selection as well as the clarity in delivery and the content to me was just bizarre.

Bon Iver – Jelmore

This song has probably made me cry more than any other record ever. The angelic vocals on this glitchy beat really resonate with me and what I’m trying to achieve in music, I took a lot of inspiration from this song and that has only intensified my emotional connection to it.


I could write an essay on what this song is talking about, I just related to the content sooo much & that paired with the vocals, paired with the production makes it one of my favourite songs to ever exist!

67 – WAPS

A classic. It’s just pure chaos in this song. I think the content is sooo dark, I think I look at this song though and I just hear a lot of trauma and pain that’s unaddressed but I think the way it’s written makes it sound like a film? I have a weird relationship with the song it’s phenomenal though.

‘Power Trip’ is out now. BTO! is due out October 13th.

Photo credit: 9