White Sun Records – March 10th

Jófríður Ákadóttir has made great music in various guises – including Pascal Pinon, Gangly and Samaris – since her early teens, and been a totemic figure in Icelandic music for about as long.

Brazil, her debut solo album as JFDR, is her best yet. While her voice is the star – see the strained whispers of ‘White Sun’ for the most arresting example – it’s a showcase for her talents as a composer and arranger just as much; the industrial menace of ‘Wires’ an early sign that the record’s beauty will be plentiful, but complex.

Pianos and guitars are used gently, while percussion and electronics operate in spasms and squalls. But the songwriting is magnificent throughout, and anyone with an interest in forward thinking pop should head to Brazil immediately.

Live: The NINES Peckham on March 24th

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